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Complex Giant

Perhaps some of you have already had an adventure in the mountains, getting lost in the main tourist path. In such cases, we planted inside the panic, which is difficult to master. Being a kind of Giant entered into one of the peaks and at one point I realized that I am in a place completely unmarked. In this crisis moment of trouble helped me out a map of Giant, which had previously been bought completely by accident in the city. I thought that I will not at all necessary, since everything is labeled.

The reality proved to be brutal, one mistake, a moment of inattention and we can very easily get lost. What moral can be drawn? Always on expeditions of this kind should take the map and compass, in the case of loss to be able to return safely to camp. The worst case is as if, when we went on a trip alone, we rely in this case only for himself. With a mobile phone does not always reach 'em in the mountains, and therefore will not be able to summon help.

It is worth mentioning that the Giant is the perfect place to rest, both for families and youth. Wide range of tourist makes everyone will find something for themselves in matters of accommodation, and meals. I was most impressed highways in the Giant Mountains, which were characterized by a very high standard of hygiene for the relatively low rents. We did not have with my wife no problem finding a suitable place to sleep.

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